what if you had to name your child after your first email address


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i hate april fools day.

april fools!!!!! i actually hate every day

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Stop faking your fucking orgasms. Society already tells young men that they run the fucking universe - if they can’t turn your cunt into a shooting star then for god’s sake, let them know about it. Some more little life lessons, by Daisy Lola (via girl-violence)

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Jeune et Jolie

Francois Bezo pictures the life of a stunning high school girl. She is losing her innocence and the glance in her eyes and I can totally relate. 
I am really happy this movie exists. It doesn’t judge, it just pictures. 

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Q: What made you make that jump from Sugar Baby to Escort?


I was tired of the “relationship” part of being an SB. I wanted to deal with someone for a short period of time with no interaction in between.
But now I’m coming back around :)

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Goals for 2k14: 90s teen movie insults.


when youre wearin a cute outfit in winter and someone is like “aren’t you COLD” excuse me you are weak and your crops will never last the winter with that attitude 

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i really like this



goodbye friends

hello friends

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